Why would you think that ceilings cannot be personalized or be a part of the whirl of interior decorating! Get yourself introduced to the different ceiling types we have to offer on our website!
Venetian Plaster finishes are probably the most original decorations you can use to spice up your ceilings. They can be used for classic as well as modern interiors. They can be made of many textures, sizes, tints and feature very original designs so it's easy to make your ceilings unique. Venetian Plaster can be applied directly to the ceiling but there are also plenty of pre-made ceiling tiles which can be easily installed. Ceiling tile choices for drop ceiling installations, glue-up applications and ceiling designs of all kinds have never been better or easier to work with. Check out these examples and you will most likely find some interesting ideas for yourself. Architectural ceiling panels can be easily installed to existing suspended ceiling grids. Ceiling panels make  rooms look better, but they not only do that, in addition acoustic ceilings also block or dampen the sound coming from other rooms and therefore decreases disturbing noise in your home.

Whether you need 2' x 2' ceiling tiles, 2' x 4' ceiling panels, or a combination of both to fit your specific ceiling design, we have just what you are looking for!
Along with our beautiful Venetian plaster tiles we offer the option of incorporating them with Ornamental Wood Trimming. Wood molding and Panels can create a two-tone, three dimensional effect which can be easily installed as well as cost efficient. It is a great way to create a luxurious feel in any room bringing out depth and character only to enhance our Venetian tile color and designs.